Day 11: Turkey

Day 11: Turkey
Series: 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims and Christians – 2016 Ramadan
Presented in American Sign Language, no voice interpretation.

Written Transcript:

– especially in the light of recent European refugee crisis with over 1.7 million Syrian refugees fleeing from the destruction of their homeland.

At first, Turkey opened its borders to Syrian refugees about five years ago, expecting the civil war to be quickly resolved. But as the war stretched on, there is a tension in Turkey with refugees caught in a limbo – unable to return to their homeland and also unable to get work permits or settle permanently in Turkey. Turks are increasingly concerned that the violence that has engulfed Syria with the rise of Islamic State would spill over in their country – especially with the October 2015 bombing of its capital city, Ankara, which killed 102 people and injured many others. Thus, both the Syrian refugees and the Turkish government are unsure what the best solution.

– Pray for tolerance and patience on the part of Turks who are offering refuge and hospitality to Syrian refugees.

– Pray for peace in Turkey, and for the Church in Turkey to lead by example in unity and love.

– Pray for the refugees in Turkey who have been there for many years, longing for home.

– Although it might seem impossible, pray for peace in Syria. Psalm 46:9 says, “He makes wars ease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatter the spear; he burns the shields with fire.”

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