Day 17: Bihar, India

Day 17: Bihar, India
Series: 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims and Christians – 2016 Ramadan
Presented in American Sign Language, no voice interpretation.

Written Transcript:

In Baisi, India, there are about 10,000 inhabitants yet remains one of the most difficult places for Christianity to take root. The population is almost entirely Muslim with some Hindi influence. The closest Christian church is located in Purnia, a city about 25 miles away.

Baisi is a town locally famous for being a stronghold of Islam; young men from all over the region gather there to be trained in the ways of Islam. The state of Bihar has about 100 million people living in villages, and a few decades ago, it has earned a nickname as “the graveyard of missions” because no ministry seems able to take root and grow. Only 0.05 percent of Bihar inhabitants are Christians, which rivals regions such as Somalia and Afghanistan for the lowest overall percentage in the world.

Only little has been done to reach the 17-20 million Muslims in this state. Many people in this area are still waiting to hear the good news about Jesus. When someone in the future from the area ask where the Christians or churches are, what will be the reply?

– Pray that the Lord of the harvest would raise up workers in Baisi and throughout Bihar.

– Pray that the Spirit of God and the Word of God would draw Muslim leaders and whole family groups throughout Bihar to Jesus.

– Pray that Isaiah 55:11 will come to pass in Bihar: “… It is the same with my word. I send it out and it always produce fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.”


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