3 Practical Steps Christians Can Love Muslims

Title: 3 Practical Steps Christians Can Love Muslims
Signer: Bruce L. Persons, M.Div.
Video Link: http://vimeo.com/173107980

Written Transcript:

Christians often ask, “How can I participate in the unprecedented movements of God among Muslims today?” The answer is simple: “Love Muslims.”

This is simple yet difficult to achieve because Islam has made itself among the most feared religions on earth. This stems from Islam’s long history of conquests, forced conversions, discrimination, and terrorist atrocities that stream across our news media every day. This view is not just held among Christians but also by Hindus, Chinese, Socialists, and Buddhists. Islam separates itself from every non-Muslim people on earth.

Remember: Muslims are not Islam. Muslims are people – men and women, boys and girls. Muslims in many parts of the world have isolated themselves in communities that reinforce the stereotypes that Christians are ignorant, worldly and slaves to hedonism, the love of pleasure. Christians must stop reinforcing and upholding these stereotypes.

It might be tempting for us to fear, flee, and even fight Muslims. But when we do so, we follow a script that Islam has used for centuries to depict Christians as “others” who must be contested or avoided.

What are three practical ways Christians can love Muslims?

1) Pray

When we commit ourselves to praying for Muslims, we take on the very heart of God. God loves Muslims so much that He sent His only Son into the world to love them, forgive them, and save them (John 3:16). God desires to draw them to Himself.

2) Show hospitality

When we intentionally invite Muslims into our houses and churches, we have an opportunity to be the aroma of Christ in their lives. When Muslims notice how Christians are a community of faithful God-lovers and those who love Muslims in Jesus’ name, they will be attracted to God and will desire to know more about Jesus Christ.

3) Allow God to transform your heart

While we pray for and show hospitality to our Muslim neighbors, we find that our hearts begins to change. We begin to see them as God sees them. They are not people of a dangerous and threatening ideology. Rather, they are men and women, boys and girls, who are lost – as we once were – and in need of a Savior and Lord.

Source: www.30daysprayer.org 

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