Kyrie Eleison! (ASL)

Title: Kyrie Eleison!
Passage: Luke 18:9-14
Date: 12/29/2013

Location: Deaf Fellowship at Frederick Church of the Brethren

Presented in American Sign Language, along with voice interpretation in English

Due to unforeseeable technical difficulties, the beginning of my sermon was not recorded. Here is a transcript of what I said up to the beginning of the embedded video:

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! It is a honor, joy, and privilege for me to join you this morning to worship our Almighty God and to share His Word with you. I wanted to thank the Deaf Fellowship Steering Team for inviting me to preach this morning. I also wanted to thank Pastor Peter Myers for entrusting me with this pulpit in his absence because it is a sacred spot where the Word of God is proclaimed and preached in this church and throughout the world.

Let us begin with a word of prayer… [PRAYER]

You might notice that the title for sermon today, as indicated on the screen, is “Kyrie Eleison!” I’m going to teach you a Greek phrase this morning that is important for the rest of the message. “Kyrie” means “Lord,” and “Eleison” means “have mercy!” Put together, it means “Lord, have mercy,” and it is often heard in liturgical churches (especially Greek Orthodox Churches). We can now proceed with our message…

But before we begin, a story is in order! Imagine that you are in a beautiful sanctuary with many stained glass windows, similar to the Washington National Cathedral (if you have already visited it). This place is massive, beautiful, and breathtaking every time you are here.

Two men came to the church one Sunday morning. Let me introduce you to the first man: Jim. He is an elderly member of the church and a devout husband of one wife. He also has two grown children and several grandchildren.

He is also very dedicated to your church and the surrounding community. He is a gifted (and popular too!) teacher for the Sunday School program, and you love to listen to him whenever he teaches. He also gives double or triple the amount of tithe to the church and even more to the local community. On the top of that, he volunteers his free time for various charitable organizations. He is well-respected and well-liked within the church and also in the larger community. Because he is the prime example of how a Christian should look and behave, you admire and respect him for his piety and dedication to the Lord. You are glad to see him there in church.

Here’s Danny. He is a young, mid-aged man. He has light brown hair and a somewhat unkempt appearance (he hadn’t shaved that morning and his shirt was slightly wrinkled as well). But are you glad to see him in the church? No… [see video for the rest of the message]