Day 4: West Africa

Day 4: West Africa
Series: 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims and Christians – 2016 Ramadan
Presented in American Sign Language, no voice interpretation.

Written Transcript:

In the region of West Africa, there are three people groups vying for lasting influence: Christians in the North and Muslims in the south, with various African tribal religion in the middle. There are 18 nations with 514 Muslim people groups. Out of about 335 million people, there are 105 million Muslims. For many West Africans who are neither Christians nor Muslims, there is a practical question they always ask: “What religion is powerful enough to protect me from the spiritual forces around me?”

Many Muslim-background believers speak of how Christians have made lasting impact in the region of West Africa. They live out the Gospel in everyday life by pursuing equality for all humans by, for instance, establishing schools and orphanages, and participate in community development projects. Many converts from Muslim religion will also comment that they come to faith in Jesus Christ because there is a translation of the Bible in their local language, in contrast to the Qur’an which is written in Arabic language. Many Muslims also talk about encountering Christ through answered prayers, drams and reading Scripture. After they discovered the living Lord, they cannot ignore him and are willing to give their lives to Christ.

– Pray for the emerging movements to Christ in West Africa, that they will grow deep and strong in their newfound faith.

– Pray for protection from evil forces represented in Boko Haram, syncretistic religion, and social injustice.

– There are about 100 million West African Muslims with more than 514 distinct ethnolinguistic people groups; pray that they will become aware of the reality of Christ in this region of Africa.

Sources: (for West Africa map)

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