Day 10: Turkestan

Day 10: Turkestan
Series: 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims and Christians – 2016 Ramadan
Presented in American Sign Language, no voice interpretation.

Written Transcript:

The Turkestan region covers part of the eastern European bloc, the country of turkey, most of the southern part of former USSR, and north-western part of China. It has a total of 16 nations and 227 Muslim people groups. The modern-day people groups of Uzbeks, Uighurs, Kazakhs, Tartars, Turkmen, Azeris, and Turks numbers at 200 million and are descendants of legendary names of nomadic Turkic tribes such as Attila the Hun, Tamerlane, and the Golden Horde. Almost 160 million of the Turkic people are Muslims.

Many Turkic Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ today. In Kazakhstan and Russia which are called “open countries,” Christians meet frequently in church buildings. More often than not, Turkestan’s persecuted believers have to meet in private settings or even homes. Many of them come to faith after seeing a troubling dream of the risen Christ. They are seeking for truth, and believers’ faithful prayers and reliance on the Holy Spirit are bringing Muslims to faith.

– Pray for persecuted Muslim-background believers in Turkestan – especially for courage, fellowship and encouragement in their faith.

– Pray for countless missionaries who are taking the gospel to each of Turkestan’s 227 Muslim people groups.

– Pray that the nation of Turkestan would promote freedom in matters of religion, so that arrests, beatings and death would not be commonplace for those who are seeking.


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