Day 14: Western South Asia

Day 14: Western South Asia
Series: 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims and Christians – 2016 Ramadan
Presented in American Sign Language, no voice interpretation.

Written Transcript:

Western South Asia is one of the most crowded and volatile regions in the Islamic world, covering the region of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and western half of India. More than 300 million Muslims live in this area, and 186 ethnic people groups are often in conflict with each other and also with outside imperial forces. In spite of this, God is drawing thousands of Muslims to new life in Jesus Christ.

– Pray for the war-torn nations of Western South Asia, that they find a new path forward through the Prince of Peace.

– Pray for courageous Muslim-background witnesses to stand firm for Jesus and also for the missionaries to find people to disciple Muslim-background believers.

– Pray for the 300 million Muslims of Western South Asia who do not yet know the peace that passes all understanding that Jesus offers them.


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