Day 15: Deoband, India

Day 15: Deoband, India
Series: 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims and Christians – 2016 Ramadan
Presented in American Sign Language, no voice interpretation.

Written Transcript:

Deoband, a town in North India with 100,000 people and relatively small in comparison to other mega and large cities throughout India, is important for tens of millions of Muslims around the world. It is the home of the Darul Uloom madrassa – an Islamic center of learning.

Darul Uloom opened this school in 1867 with the purpose of protecting and promoting conservative Sunni Islam across the Indian subcontinent. Thousands of men have studied at this school, and Darul Uloom graduates have started madrassas in other places such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afhanistan, South Africa, Great Britain and North America.

For many Sunni Muslims, Deoband represents a scholarly, conservative, and pure Islam. It has the reputation of being connected with militant extremism. The Taliban finds its roots back to Deobandi madrassas in Pakistan, and suspicion about extremist ties grew so great that in 2013 Darul Uloom issued a FATWA (a public statement) denouncing terrorism.

Muslims from all over the world gather to Deoband to visit as tourists or stay for seven years to be fully trained as a mosque or madrassa leaders. The influence of Deoband extends to many nations and continents, and Muslims are passionate about what they believe. Imagine what it would be like if Deobandis were filled with an awareness of who Jesus is and what He has done for us. May that commitment and passion be for the glory of Jesus.

Habakkuk 2:14 – “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

– Pray for the town of Deoband itself to be a place of peace and blessing.

– Pray for truth, justice and peace to flow through Deobandi networks around the world.

– Pray that Deobandi women, most of whom are hidden from sight, would know their value to the Father and find His love through Jesus.


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